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FCS 27 reporting an increase in fuel efficiency by more than 10%


PE Fuels FCS Solutions is proud to announce that under supervision of Bureau Veritas S.A., the world renown inspection group, the testing performed on PE Fuels FCS 27 (diesel fuel additive) in Bahrain has far exceeded expectations.

Reported on by Bahrain News Agency, test results have PE Fuels FCS 27 reporting an increase in fuel efficiency by more than 10% while achieving greater than 20% reductions of harmful GHG emissions; particulate matter from diesel engines is brought down to 0 in less than 40 seconds.


PE Fuels FCS 27 has been tested by major transportation, construction and mining companies in the United States and Canada as well as large mining and construction companies in Mexico and China. Results are consistent in all markets.

PE Fuels has congruently received a directive from key organisations in China, the Beijing Transport Commission, the China University of Technology and the Metrology & Testing Bureau that use of PE Fuels additives in both diesel and gasoline fired vehicles will be the solution for meeting their GHG emission reduction commitments authored at COP21.

PE Fuels will begin building state of the art manufacturing plants in both Shangdong and Bahrain in 2016.

PE Fuels an incorporated company headquartered in Canada is focused on developing state of the art fuel additives that will reduce GHG and improve MPG. PE Fuels Diesel fuel additive FCS 27 has been tested under SAE J1321 Type 2, in 2012. This SAE test showed fuel consumption reductions of 5.2%. The testing authority, PIT (Performance Innovation Transport) the transportation arm of FP Innovations, […]

IS THIS ADDITIVE UNLIKE THE OTHERS? Seems the answer is yes.

Today’s Trucking – The Lockwood Report
August 12, 2015

Like almost all of you probably, I’m a total sceptic when it comes to fuel additives, and I can tell you that I’ve opted not to publish information about pretty much any of them over the course of my long tenure in this role. So when PE Fuels Solutions, based in Calgary with offices in Houston, sent me some promotional material about its FCS-27 bio-based additive a while ago, the earth didn’t move for me.

Then I realized that it had actually been tested to proper SAE/TMC standards by Quebec’s much respected Performance Innovation Transport (PIT) and came out awfully well. I’ve since had contact with PE Fuels president Christine Teschl — no shyster, a very down-to-earth sort who was remarkably patient with my scepticism — and I have to say that the more I learn, the more impressed I get.

The FCS-27 fuel additive from PE Fuels: 5.2% fuel saving

PIT had a reaction somewhat similar to mine when Teschl approached them to get its fuel additive included in the popular Energotest trials of fuel-saving products last year.

Fuel additives don’t have a good track record at achieving positive results using the organization’s stringent test procedures, she was warned.

“PIT said save your money, we don’t see many that work,” Teschl recalls.

But PE Fuels Solutions can now boast a ‘PIT Power 5’ rating for its FCS-27  additive, after achieving a fuel economy improvement of 5.2%. PIT’s testing is highly regarded in the industry, as it adheres strictly to the SAE J1321 Joint TMC/SAE Fuel Consumption Test Procedure — Type II protocol. A positive verification from PIT earns a product instant credibility among the many fleets that look to the organization for validation of potential […]

Diesel fuel additive certified PIT Power 5

The additive for FCS-27 diesel fuel, PE Fuels Solutions, was recently awarded the certification PIT Power 5, awarded by Performance Innovation Transport (PIT) products that improve the energy efficiency of five percent minimum. The product was evaluated in a Energotest campaign PIT using the SAE J1321 Type 2 protocol.

Technology FCS-27 additive uses derivatives catalysts composed of biomolecules based ingredients and specialty boosters says the manufacturer. The PE Fuels Solutions President, Christine Teschl indicates that the vast majority of products on the market address only one element at a time, such as antifreeze or the cetane number, meaning that the user must spend much to buy each product, while the FCS-27 is multifunctional and efficient year round.

Its formulation is designed to stabilize diesel fuel and clean injectors. In addition, cold weather, the additive prevents clogging of filter gelation and the formation of ice crystals. It is fully compatible with all diesel fuels with low sulfur content. Fuel consumption trials conducted by FPInnovations in previous campaigns involving other additives, or fuel specially formulated, showed energy savings of up to 2.86 per cent +/- 1 per cent … The result obtained by the FCS-27 additive shows a gain of 5.3 percent.”

The tests were conducted in 2014 through 2012 Peterbilt 388 tractor powered by Cummins engines of 450 horsepower. Christine Teschl asked what one uses the most recent lorries as possible for testing, indicating that the drivers of two years of age are fairly representative of the vehicle fleet in use today. Ms. Teschl further emphasizes that fleets that have their own testing found an average reduction of nine percent of the fuel consumption, “even with newer vehicles.” One of these fleets, TransWest, would incidentally achieved an average […]